autoresponders a highly effective communication tool for following up on your customers

Most people these days multi-task. This means they are continuously moving from one activity to the next. This makes it easy to forget important things. For example you may read about a great product but delay purchasing it because you say to yourself you’ll check it out later. Only when you’re sent a reminder do you actually buy the product. Autoresponders are a highly effective communication tool that makes this easy by automating the follow-up process.
The 3 Stages of Following Up On Your Customers
1. Capture contact information
This first stage of the follow-up process is where you send traffic to a landing page (or squeeze page) that contains an opt-in form. Their contact information is automatically stored in the autoresponder software database. This enables you to send an email to your list any time and/or send a series of follow-up messages.
2. Pre-sell your customers
The majority of people reading your sales page for the first time won’t buy your product. Unless you capture their name and email address you’ll never hear from them again. You’ll have lost an opportunity to build a relationship with them and potentially generate more sales.
After capturing your prospects information, send them a series of emails every 2 or 3 days containing great tips that talk about your product. This helps place them in a buying mood. Before writing these emails, place yourself in your customers shoes by thinking about the problems they may encounter with your product. Answering their questions will help remove the barriers to purchase.